IWB has been modified with several new functionalities and patches:

  • All zones shown in the FUA tabs are described by UTC time
  • The NOTAM search in the NOTAM Browser has changed. IWB shows all available NOTAMs for a given location (also all NTMs are shown in the tab available in airports tabs) NOTE: IWB has become a tool that can be used for a complete NOTAM preview. Therefore, IWB is highly recommended for AD Duty Officers and coordinators of smaller airports as a system for viewing NTM.
  • NOTAM language versions have been separated – from now on in the Polish language version of IWB only NTM in Polish can be seen (except for the F and B series, which are published only in English), and respectively in the English version
  • A tab of civil flight plans list is available at each airport data preview. It also shows VFR flight plans. What is important; the list also includes FPL containing the ICAO code for the airport, nor only ADEP and/or ADEST.
  • The divisions to pilots / students / dispatchers during registration to the system was introduced. Currently, all profiles have access to the same functions in the system. The divisions serve statistical purposes as well as profiling the further development of IWB.
  • and other minor fixes to make the application easier to use

Maps purchased online by PANSA

From July 2019, maps purchased online by PANSA can also be collected at any ARO. ARO list: Warsaw, Gdańsk, Poznań, Wrocław, Katowice, Kraków. Maps can be purchased at https://ais.pansa.pl/form/order/orderform_en.htm

The IWB system has been made available in operational mode.

By the decision of the CAA from 27/05/2019, the IWB was approved for operational use. Airspace users can now plan operations, check flight information, submit flight plans in a web application at iwb.pansa.pl. Flight plans and modification messages are sent to ARO, which is responsible for their further distribution. ARO also serves support for system users.

Single telephone number, fax number and e-mail address at ATS Reporting Offices

Please note that on April 28 2016, the work organisation of the ATS Reporting Offices (ARO) in Poland was changed. The change involves implementation of a single country-wide telephone number +48-22-574-7173 for filing and revising flight plans. The reason for this measure is to reduce the time of waiting for connection and provide an easy contact with an ARO.

From the beginning of 2016 the ATS Reporting Offices in Poland have had a common flight plan processing system. Regardless of the location of the ARO answering the phone, the person wishing to file a flight plan will be able to:
– file any new flight plan,
– revise an existing flight plan,
– obtain information about the status of a flight plan being processed,
– obtain aeronautical information.

Telephone calls are evenly distributed among the ATS Reporting Offices. However, when a telephone contact with an ARO is established, it can be redirected to a chosen ARO.

Another solution is a single fax number +48-22-574-7188 to which completed flight plan forms should be sent. Flight plans can be also submitted via e-mail. A single e-mail address aro@pansa.pl was established for use by pilots wishing to submit a completed flight plan form.

Please be reminded that a legible and current contact telephone number should be provided on the flight plan form. This will enable ARO personnel to contact the originator if necessary.

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